"Leben und Tod" - biographisches Theater im Logoi, Aachen / 26 und 27 Februar





 "Krieg&Frieden" - Forum Theater im Logoi, Aachen / 6., 7 Juni


Improvisation vs Choreography


In this workshop we create great choreographies from various theatre- and moving improvisation techniques. Our body is the language and the movements are our words. But to be able to construct the form, we must also focus on the unseen: the INTERNAL ORGANS. When we know the structure and functions of the heart, eyes, lungs, liver, intestines, stomach, kidneys and brain we can intensify our movements, express strongly and charge our energy continuously. 


Different choreographic elements will be linked into final performance.

We always start with the HEART!

Length: from 1 day up to 3 weeks

For women only




Teheran, Berlin (2007-2013)


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