at 4th international street theatre festival in

Darbandikhan / Kurdistan (Iraq)

from 24/10/2013 to 26/10/2013


Photos: Jorge Rodriguez (Nacho)

We did it!

SoSH at the fourth international street theater festival in Darbandikhan in Iraqi Kurdistan.

During six days we met lovable people from Kurdistan, Iran, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Italy, France and Egypt in the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of Darbandikhan and its people, to experience rather what we share as humans, than what differs us.

We had such a heart opening time!

I tell you: I`m so fed up with being told, which regions of the world are safe and which are not. Who is superior and who is inferior, who deserves to be rich and who should stay poor. Who should be allowed to move freely and who should stay isolated. Whom I should be afraid of and who is on the righteous side.

While money is ravaging our planet without boundaries, while business seems to possess a universal passport, while the leaders of the world construct a net of borders on maps of real environment to mark claims and political-economic interest, while this happens we accept that people die trying to move around in this world for the simplest reason: a better life.


Back from our trip, I have a strong feeling that we all should put our best will into finding solutions for this world as One World, not just for “us” which leaves ”them” outside, to unite all people who feel united by heart anyway and to find these solutions by heart and not by power.

And we, privileged living in the Western World, are especially responsible, because we have the resources, the freedom &, even if you don`t believe it because you diminish yourself with fear or greed, the power to move something.

So many people in the world need our attention, our believing ear, our seeing eyes. It`s not a question of money or space or time. It is a question of our honest will to open our hearts to escape the prison of egoism. It is a question of open mind to escape the restrictions of “hometown, nation or country”, prejudices and convictions. And it is a question of taking the responsibility of wealth that is built on colonial blood up to our ankles, up to our days, to tear down the walls of Fortress Europe, of Western World, to fight the power of Money and the injustice of political hegemony.

It`s payback time.

Ignorance is worse than even fighting windmills.

Life is precious, everywhere…


                                                                                         MU, November 2013

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